FUTURELIFE Foundation Everything you need, to be everything you want to be!

Everything you need, to be everything you want to be!   Paul Saad founder of FUTURELIFE®, officially established the FUTURELIFE® Foundation Trust in October 2014. FUTURELIFE® has supported numerous charities in South Africa since 2008.   The FUTURELIFE®Foundation Trust was established as a non-for-profit organisation registered as a public benefit organisation. The purpose of the […]

Discovery Health welcome to the Meals on Wheels Cook-off Day

Partnering for a better future! Discovery Health welcome to the Meals on Wheels Cook-off Day   Corporates are moving away from TEAM BUILDING exercises that have no impact on their Communities. Meals on Wheels Community Services has created a project where corporates contribute to alleviating poverty while TEAM BUILDING. On 20 April 2016 the staff of Discovery Health joined  in preparing […]

Namibian Conference Officially Separated

The Namibian Conference has now officially split into two entities. It is now the Southern Namiba Conference and Northern Namibia Conference. Proceedings so far have been smooth with no obstacles and the people are in high spirits.   The names are as follows: Northern Namibia Conference President – Pastor Moses Muyunda Executive Secretary – Pastor […]


Report on SAU Training 29 February to 4 March 2016 The SAU Treasury Department started the year 2016 on a very positive note.  We invited accountants and financial Officers for a training which took four days.  The entire territory under the SAU, Accountants, Financial Officers and Chief Financial Officers were called for this meeting.  This […]

Pension Department’s Pension Board for the New Quinquennium

The Pensions Department welcomes all of you to the second quarter 2016!!  It really gives me great pleasure to introduce our newly elected trustees serving on the Pension Board for the new quinquennium:   Mr Eric Odendaal – Chairman of the Board & CFO at SAU Ms Ruth Layman – Principal Officer Member Trustees Ps […]