Celebrating 52 Years of Community Service!

  Amidst the celebrations we also bid farewell to the founder of Meals on Wheels, Dr Denis Baird. One man’s vision became the hope of many…     Dr Baird attending the 50th Celebration of Meals on Wheels at the historic event hosted July 2014 in East London, Eastern Cape. (Dr Baird and the three […]

Meals on Wheels – Making History!

  Meals on Wheels – Making History!   Meals on Wheels Community Services embarked on their first ever Cooks and Chefs Training. In our continuous mission to Fighting Hunger in South Africa, it is imperative that we invest in our staff and volunteers through continuous empowerment, training and develop. These individuals are at the epicenter […]

Paul Ratsara Steps Aside as SID President

Paul Ratsara has resigned as president of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of Seventh-day Adventists in what he described as an effort “to refocus the church that I love, back to its God-given mission.” The General Conference Executive Committee, voting Tuesday, accepted a request from Ratsara to step aside for possible reassignment as a local […]