Elders’ Convention

On the weekend of March 17 – 20, 2017, an Elders’ Convention was held at the SAU Headquarters. A Leadership Certification Course was completed by most of the 160 Elders that were able to attend most of the presentations. The program started on Friday morning and consisted of presentations, quizzes and discussions on the various […]

Lesotho Shepherdesses

The Shepherdess Association was formed in America in 1984 by Mrs Marie Spangler and Ellen Bresee and Lesotho adopted it in 1998 with the pastoral spouses, some of whom have passed on.  We can talk of people like Mrs Nkutha, Mrs Mekeleli, Mrs Nkhethoa and Mrs Maqache. MISSION To help Ministerial spouses understand their role […]

Cape Conference Ministerial Events

Ps. & Mrs. Papu, Ps. & Mrs. Ntshiza, Ps. & Mrs. Mbaza, Ps. & Mrs. Made, Ps. & Mrs. Mngqibisa, Ps. & Mrs. Shugu The Pastors and Shepherdesses in the attached picture were the “guest speakers” at a Couples Retreat held at the Hartenbos River Resort with approximately 100 couples in attendance.   There was a Ministerial Retreat held during […]