Adventist Laymen’s Services

Adventist Laymen’s Services & Industries Organisation

ASI is an organization for Seventh-day Adventist Church members who work in the private sector, in business and professional vocations. The foundation for ASI was laid in 1945 when the General Conference at the Fall Council recommended the formation of ASI organisation. The inspiration for the organisation was gained from biblical principles echoed in Ellen White writings:
” When men of business, farmers, mechanics, merchants, lawyers, etc, become members of the church they become servants of Christ, and although their talents may be entirely different, their responsibility to advance the cause of God by personal effort, and with their means, is no less than that which rests upon the minister ” (E G White, Testimonies For The Church vol. 4 p468).

Eventually, 1n 1947 the ASI was formally launched as an organization. Since then the ASI organization has continued to unify SDA workers around the world and to promote strong ties and cooperation with the church. In addition, ASI has sponsored many mission projects that have uplifted and supported many of God’s children world-wide.


ASI-SAU Objectives

  • To foster a conducive environment for the spiritual growth of Seventh-day;
  • Adventist Church (SDA) professionals and business persons and nurture their commitment to the mission and development of the church;
  • To encourage and promote professional services, the development and operation of privately-owned institutions and enterprises owned or operated by Seventh-day Adventist laypersons throughout Southern Africa Union Conference territory;
  • To encourage Seventh-day Adventist church members in privately – owned enterprises of various types to unite their efforts with those of denominationally- operated enterprises in the furtherance and extension of the gospel in their immediate communities and to the ends of the earth, according to their abilities and opportunities;
  • To encourage such institutions and enterprises to commit themselves to work in full and complete harmony with the standards and objectives of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination and to maintain Christ-like and harmonious relationships with conference and church administrations, ministers, church members, and the people of their communities;
  • To encourage SDA professionals and business persons to uphold SDA philosophy and Biblical principles in their professions and vocations;
  • To provide through an exchange of information, coordination of objectives, and the inspiration of Christian fellowship in means by which members of the Association can become more effective in their work;
  • To assist with mission projects supportive of the Seventh-day Adventist church, through counsel, promotions and funding.