Pastor’s Kids Association (PAKIA)

Director:  Pastor R.P. Maligudu
Since the Ministerial Department is involved with the Pastoral Family the SAU has intentionally taken the decision to include PAKIA (Pastor’s Kids Association) into the responsibility of this Association.
BUT, what is PAKIA all about?
Let me give you a brief introduction to PAKIA by starting with the following quote:
“The minister’s duties lie around his children, nigh and afar; but his first duty is to his children. …Minister’s children are the most neglected in the world”. (Gospel workers pages 204 and 206)
It is for this reason that the SAU has seen the need to bring into existence PAKIA.
Not everyone would like to be called a kid, but the purpose of the Association is principally to achieve the following objectives:
  • To help all PK’s express their needs with no fear.
  • To form a forum for PK’s in our union.
  • To help PK’s develop holistically.
  • To fully utilise the spiritual gifts which PK’s acquire throughout their developmental years.
  • To understand the uniqueness of PK’s.
  • To try and formulate guidelines for PAKIA.
  • To identify PK’s that are lost in the ministry or those serving in the ministry.
So who are PK’s:
  • Full members (Pastors Kids (PK’s))
  • Associate members (Spouse’s of PK’s)
  • Honorary members (Child/Children of PK’s)
  • Those whose fathers have left the ministry for whatever reason, are also PK’s

Being a fairly new body in the Seventh-day Adventist church and literally still within its infant stage in the Southern Africa Union Conference, I would like to invite all our Pastors children within our Union to help grow PAKIA into a body that will serve our God in a unique way…”As unique as we are.”Were you born in a Seventh-day Adventist Pastor’s home?  Then,