Aurum Seventh-day Adventist Acadamy

  In Bloemfontein on Horwitz Street on the premises of the Universitas SDA Church nestles a primary school.   Aurum Primary school, which has recently changed its name to ‘Aurum Seventh-day Adventist Academy’.  It is one of our church schools with a little less than 50 students and we are anxious to have our school […]

South Namibia Conference Lays President to Rest

Yesterday was the final laying to rest of Ps Gert Feris, the President of the South Namibia Conference (SNC) who died suddenly on January 1 of a heart attack. During the week there were memorial services on Monday, Tuesday, and a 4-hour memorial on Friday afternoon. On Sunday at 08h00, the SAU delegation also attended […]

V.O.P. Graduation

We had 80 people who graduated today in Ladysmith @Roosboom church. The highlight of this group that graduated was an 80 years old granny, a 10 years old and a pastor of a big church in the area with his family. Glory and honour be unto God.                

A special message from Ted N.C. Wilson

A special message from Ted N.C. Wilson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church   Sep 09, 2017 | Silver Spring, Maryland, United States |   My fellow Seventh-day Adventist Church members around the world,   As many of you have worshipped already today and many more will around the world, I am asking you to […]