South Namibia Conference Lays President to Rest

Yesterday was the final laying to rest of Ps Gert Feris, the President of the South Namibia Conference (SNC) who died suddenly on January 1 of a heart attack. During the week there were memorial services on Monday, Tuesday, and a 4-hour memorial on Friday afternoon. On Sunday at 08h00, the SAU delegation also attended a service at his house, and then proceeded to a hall where the final funeral service took place. At lunchtime, the procession continued to a family farm for the burial. The funeral services were very well supported. Delegates from Tanzania also attended the funeral, as Ps Feris had passed away in Tanzania, while participating at the funeral there for Ps Singo, the late Ministerial Director of the SNC.

Ps Feris was remembered with fondness and admiration. We thank the Lord for the certainty of a resurrection morning.

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