NCSA Pastors & Directors’ Family Camp

From the 16 -19 of June 2016 the Northern Conference held a family camp at the Tshipise Forever Resort.

There were 147 attendees and the guest speakers were Ps. Lincoln de Waal and Ps. Peter Maligudu.

The dedication of the conference to its employees to strive to fulfill their needs and make them feel appreciated and happy was evident in the presentations that were made. The program for each day was well timed and not too packed which offered time for families to spend quality time together. The venue was perfect for the occasion. The weather was pleasant although it was in the middle of winter and it offered hot pools where folks could take a dip and get rid of their aches and pains. All in all the weekend was well spent. 


The NCSA Shepherdesses at the Tshipise Forever Resort.


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