Elders’ Convention

On the weekend of March 17 – 20, 2017, an Elders’ Convention was held at the SAU Headquarters.

A Leadership Certification Course was completed by most of the 160 Elders that were able to attend most of the presentations.

The program started on Friday morning and consisted of presentations, quizzes and discussions on the various topics.  Some of the topics that were covered were, ‘The Elders’ Call and Qualifications’, ‘Small Groups’, ‘The Church Manual’ and ‘The Elder as A Supporter of Other Local Leaders.’

Our Elders’ were particularly excited about the structure of the program and its contents.  They were happy for the opportunity to engage on subjects that were practical and relevant to their responsibilities in their local churches.  

We hope and pray that the presentations and discussions will empower our Elders as they do their part in leading out in their various churches, preparing our members for the soon coming of our Saviour and King.

May the Lord bless His church and His Leaders as they Minister for Him.


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