Cape Conference Ministerial Events

Ps. & Mrs. Papu, Ps. & Mrs. Ntshiza, Ps. & Mrs. Mbaza, Ps. & Mrs. Made, Ps. & Mrs. Mngqibisa, Ps. & Mrs. Shugu

The Pastors and Shepherdesses in the attached picture were the “guest speakers” at a Couples Retreat held at the Hartenbos River Resort with approximately 100 couples in attendance.


There was a Ministerial Retreat held during the 15-19 August 2016 at the Hartenbos River Resort. The guest speakers were Ps. RP Maligudu who is the SAU Ministerial Association Secretary who did presentations on Womens’ Ordination, policy matters and did the devotional messages.

Our second guest speaker was Dr. Alberto Treiyer. He is a retired minister from the North American Division. He is a specialist on topics related to the book of Revelation and the Sanctuary. At the Ministerial Retreat he addressed topics on the Sanctuary, the Seals and Trumpets of Revelation and the Second Coming.

It was well attended and the picture above shows the Pastors of the Cape Conference.


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