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Below is an official statement from the church regarding the recent spate of fake news articles.



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Recently there have been questions regarding several fake news articles about the Adventist Church being banned from Russia.  After discussing this with the church in Russia and Ganoune Diop, director of the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty department here at the GC, we decided not to make an official statement from the world church as we did not want to cause more interest in the story.


However, as the story has grown, IRLA and PARL decided to address the matter on their Facebook pages. You can find the link here,https://www.facebook.com/IRLA.HQ/photos/a.1113076682040584.1073741829.1110003692347883/1692611800753733/?type=3&theater.


We shared this link on the Adventist Church’s Facebook page and suggest you and your PARL departments do the same as needed and as you get questions. You can also disseminate through Tweeter, Instagram and other Social Media. 


We hope this will not cause more interest in the story and at the same time, answer the questions surrounding the issue.

Costa Williams

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