Report on SAU Training 29 February to 4 March 2016

The SAU Treasury Department started the year 2016 on a very positive note.  We invited accountants and financial Officers for a training which took four days.  The entire territory under the SAU, Accountants, Financial Officers and Chief Financial Officers were called for this meeting.  This training was a success and it motivated our employees so much that they are looking forward to the next one.  The core presenters in this training were Mr Russell Really who is a Financial Officer at SID and Mr Oliver Masuku who is a GCAS Auditor (General Conference Auditing Services.  The objective of this training was to cover some aspects of the SDAAM (Seventh Day Adventist Accounting Manual), Internal Controls, Audit preparation, Core policies, Sun Plus, as well as Query and Analysis.  The church’s objective is to have all its sub organizations under the same accounting software for the sake of standardisation, at this point Sun Systems.  We are thankful to the SAU Treasury and IT Department for organising such a successful training.  Our thanks also goes to the SID Treasury and GCAS for releasing our facilitators to come, Conferences for sending the participants and last but not least our presenters Russel and Oliver.

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Report of Appointment of Assistant Financial Officer

The SAU has recently appointed Mrs Joy McKenzie as a Financial Officer.  Mrs McKenzie has been working for the SEDMED department as a chief accountant.   She is a hard worker and has proven to be competent.  Her appointment was effective April 1, 2016.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  Joy is married to Pastor Benjamin McKenzie who is a Pastor under the Kwazulu Natal Free State Conference.


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